Thanksgiving Day Block Party at Pete’s Bar in Neptune Beach


Come enjoy your Thanksgiving morning with a Bloody Mary while the bird is cooking in the oven. Expect to see a few hundred locals and friends as you bring in the Thanksgiving holiday. The Thanksgiving Day Block Party at Pete’s between Orange Street and Atlantic Boulevard will start at 9am and end around 2pm on Thanksgiving Day. Pete’s Bar does expect a few stragglers to linger a little later into the afternoon until the smell of a turkey dinner brings everyone back home for the holiday.


This Thanksgiving Day Block Party has been an annual event for nearly 30 years. It started as one lonesome bartender and has evolved into a beaches tradition that many rely on as a part of their holiday routine. Thirty years ago, one bartender was working on Thanksgiving Day and called his friends up to keep him company. The friends showed up—along with the bartenders’ relatives—and the rest is history. The size of the Thanksgiving Day Block Party has increased each year, with a crowd as big as 5,000 people in recent years.


Due to its growth, each year there is speculation surrounding Thanksgiving Day at Pete’s Bar. There’s always a big question—is it happening? Is security cracking down? Will you be able to bring your own drinks in the area? If you are planning to attend this year’s Thanksgiving Day Block Party at Pete’s, then follow these simple steps:


  • Pay attention to entry points—the area will be barricaded off and there will be security at each entrance point.
  • No Backpacks, large purses, or large containers—All items are subject to search. Think Game Day friendly bags.
  • No bicycles, skateboards, coolers, glass containers, etc.
  • Leave your pets at home! No pets are permitted.
  • No 0utside alcohol.


Come down to Pete’s this year to start your holiday season off right! For more information or questions, call 904.249.9158 or visit their Facebook page here.

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