Haunt Nights at Adventure Landing


Prepare yourself for the ultimate terror with Haunt Nights this Halloween. Haunt Nights and Adventure Landing, Jacksonville features not one, not two, but three Haunted Houses…which means Triple the Terror! Haunt Nights is home to Northeast Florida’s only 3D Haunted House, Apocalypse 3D. With two new haunts for the season, they will be sure to scare you out of your wits. For this year’s schedule, click here.


Begin your journey with Apocalypse 3D: Clown Takeover, all new for the 2015 season. Rivaling the fright of It, this haunt is sure to fright. You will be pressed to escape your phobia of clowns in this intense simulation. You will be faced with THE RINGMASTER, AL STABYA and more. Be prepared for murderous clowns, freaks, and carnival chaos as you face this clown overload.


Next take on Pinehurst Asylum—also new for 2015. It is going to be a challenge trying to convince anyone that you are sane in this place. Witness straightjacketed crazies and try not to stay around too long or they may admit you. There are plenty of open rooms and they are always welcome to new guests staying. Dare to venture where the insane flock.


Last but not least, explore The Backwoods. The Hatfield family company is hidden far away from the city. They are known to keep a close eye on its property. Why? What could they be hiding? With cannibals, mutants, and the darkest unknown wandering through The Backwoods, you’ll be aching to make your way back into civilization. It won’t be easy, as you’ll have to get past family members like BUBBA, DIRTY DAN, TINY and BIG MAMMA.


Too faint of heart to go through the haunts and haunted house? Enjoy Zombie Attack Laser Tag, a game of mini golf, or a Go-Kart ride while your fearless friends brave the haunts and haunted house.


Ticket prices for Haunt Nights are listed below


Combo Haunt Ticket—Enjoy All 3 Haunts for 1 Low Price!  $22.99

Zombie Attack Laser Tag                                                                    $7.50

Combo Ticket + Attraction                                                                 $26.99

Fast Pass—Skip the Lines!                                                                 $10.00
Group prices are also available here.



For any further questions, contact dwade@adventurelanding.com or 904.246.4386.

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