Atlantic Beach Christmas

Wanting to see some of the best Christmas lights this holiday season? Well look no further than Atlantic Beach for one of the best Christmas lights displays in the area! Filled with an explosion of lights and holiday music, this lights display is sure to delight all. Head over to 402 Snapping Turtle Court E. in Atlantic Beach to see the display from December 1st through January 1st. The ideal times to visit this Atlantic Beach Christmas are Monday through Friday, 7:00 pm to 11:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm. For the safety of the guests, the show may be turned off in bad weather.


The residence is located in a cul-de-sac—where there is very limited parking and maneuverability. As a courtesy to the creators’ neighbors, they strongly recommend parking on Oceanwalk Drive West, which is a short walk down to the end of the street. The owners ask that you are kind and considerate to their neighbors by turning off your lights while parked, staying off the grass, and not blocking their driveways.


The music in the display can be heard through their speakers until 9:30 pm. After that time, you can tune your car radio to 94.5 FM to hear the music, as the owners have a low powered FM transmitter that receives input from the computer that runs the show. The range is approximately 800 feet.


The Christmas lights display was created by Lee and Deb Beibecki with Les and Dujanna Samuels and consists of two homes decorated together with over fifty minutes of synchronized lights to music. In 2013, the display consisted of a little more than 53,000 lights—each year, more lights are added to this cheerful Christmas lights display. Through years of practice, the owners are able to reduce their time down to 160 hours to mantle the display. With over 6,000 extension cords, it’s safe to say that this Christmas display is sure to light up your evening.


The owners are often asked, “Why do you do this?” They, too, have asked themselves this question—particularly after spending weeks working on the display from early morning until dusk and barely having the energy to eat and go to bed. They are able to answer the question easily when they remember the following:


  • The little girl with the look of awe in her eyes, asking if you know Santa.
  • The lady who rings the doorbell to ask what time the lights come on because she has taken her mother out of the nursing home to see the lights—to which they reply, “Now.”
  • The local retirement community bringing their residents out to see the lights and giving an applause and expressing how grateful they were to see the display and hear the music. Then you find out three of the residents are WWII Veterans


All these remembrances and more are why they do it. It is their Christmas gift to you!


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